We’ve been on tenterhooks waiting for the pathology report, as you can imagine. The doctor called just now to tell us it was negative and Jack’s good to go for a year this time! Woo-hoo! Now we can start to make long term plans. Thanks to everyone for the good wishes and support. It means so much to us.

Tomorrow we fly back to EV so the next 24 hours will be hectic but we’re so excited to be going home.


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15 Responses to Negative!

  1. nate & Karen sherer


  2. Nancy Smith

    Woo Hoo from us. So glad that all is clean and fine. Enjoy home again..
    Come biking with us……

  3. Marjorie Preston

    So thankful. I didn’t even read the last few posts, couldn’t bring myself to do it… Bless you both and happy trails, if that’s not nautically incorrect.

  4. TomG

    Congratulations on the negative results! Tipping my glass of wine to you both! To your health!

  5. It is wonderful to share the wonderful news!

  6. It is so positive to be negative sometimes!! So happy to hear the news! x0x0x

  7. Wonderful news. I guess you will be glad to get back to EV.

  8. As we say in Texas, YAAAAHOOOOO!!!

  9. Anita

    That is such great news. Woo hoo! Have a great trip back to your home on the water. Miss you and love you!

  10. Craig and Mary

    Congratulations! Sail away…………….

  11. Bill

    Congratulations Jack. I’m smiling from ear to ear for you. My wife and I are still working yet have similar sailing “dreams.” On a little smaller scale than you guys. I’m hooked on your blog perhaps because Jack and I have some stuff in common. This past Monday I got a good report after 5 1/2 years (ahhhh) so I understand your relief and joy. Go sailing and appreciatte each other and every day God gives you.

  12. Carole L Esley

    Absolutely great news, Jack!! Now on to sailing for you and your first mate!! xoxo

  13. Karen sherer

    SOOOOO glad to heear Jack’s good news. Nate & I were just talking yesterday morning and concerned we hadn’t heard anything….thanks for keeping us informed…NOW onward and upward..continue your wonderful journey safely and in good health!…love ya guys

  14. Jane DiCola

    YIPPEEeeeeeeeeeee! So happy to hear!

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