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What the hell was that? Not sure what woke me up. Did the bed just give a noticeable roll? Earthquake? Or was I just dreaming? It’s false dawn and there it is again, that sound is piercing my subconscious to the point that I may have to investigate. Ah, it’s a rooster which can only mean that we’re not in Miami any more and we are safe at home aboard Escape Velocity. Instead of falling back to sleep my mind started to go over everything that we’ve been through since we last slept aboard.


You people with your cars, and I’m going to assume that’s most of you, have it so easy. What would have taken us months to accomplish in Grenada, if at all, we were able to wrap-up in a few days of power shopping with our rented Fiat 500 and an awesome number of shopping malls and stores covering just about any want or need, most of which we neither needed nor wanted. It was your basic Blade Runner experience. Large monitors, largely ignored, jabbering away from high above mixed with a strange pastiche of Latin phrases. All we needed was Harrison Ford and Sean Young and plenty of money. Lacking that, we charged!

The level of care at the Cleveland Clinic is amazing, combined with the skill of my doctor who made our crazy schedule work and while I would’ve loved to have skipped this latest roller coaster ride we have the confidence to head out knowing that I’m in good health. Marce’s doctor experience hasn’t been as positive and her arm is as painful as ever. After suggesting that she have an MRI Marce asked her doc if it shows a teeny-tiny hairline fracture what would be the treatment and her doc said. “exactly what you’re doing,” so what is the point, given that we’d have to pay out-of-pocket for it. But they did give her a serious brace with the admonition to not use her arm!

In Miami we stayed with our good friends Nancy & Jeff whose gracious hospitality, concierge service, therapeutic boat rides and timely humor really saved the day.




Kris & Dean on What If stepped in for Mark and watched EV for the entire stay with email notes sent everyday so we didn’t have a moment’s worry about her and when the taxi wended its way down the steep mountain drive to Whisper Cove Marina the headlights revealed Dean waiting to dinghy us across the anchorage to our home, where Kris was waiting with open hatches and lights on. It was as if we never left. And to Laurie from Moana Roa, thanks for the 5:15am ride to Whisper Cove on the day we left Grenada. Can’t thank everyone who helped enough.

Heartfelt thanks for all the well wishes and support, we are back in business. Now let me at all those new boat parts!

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