Somebody could’ve made big bucks

A more improbable outcome would have been to hard imagine. No one would have laughed if you’d have bet the farm against it but Team USA Oracle actually pulled off a stunning upset, winning eight straight races in a week of sudden death against a superb New Zealand crew.


It got a little crazy at the Oasis here in Woburn Bay, Grenada as Oracle flew across a huge virtual floating American Flag to cross the finish line to keep the Auld Mug where it belongs.


The Kiwis among us were not amused.


I’m seen here wearing my highly sought after 1992 rally-proven A3 San Diego America’s Cup t-shirt.


Now we can get back to real life.


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3 Responses to Somebody could’ve made big bucks

  1. TomG

    It may be a rich man’s race, but the Cup was nothing short of spectacular this time round. I used to work on Ellison’s Rising Sun, and let me just say, he hated to lose! (Crew members were always careful to let him win a few whenever they raced the ship’s fast little Lasers. But that’s beside the point!) I’m astonished but not surprised at the Cup results. He’s tenacious beyond sanity and I think his presence played a role in the outcome.

  2. Anita

    So nice to see you looking great Jack. Great race and comeback.

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