Our kind of day

We had another peaceful night and woke up to another gorgeous day. With nothing to do and nowhere to go we did a few boat chores in the morning, then called brother-in-law Dave and made a date to meet at the farmers market after lunch.

It seemed like a good day to take the bikes ashore but of course as soon as we made the decision the wind kicked up and increased the degree of difficulty a few points. We managed nonetheless, and lifted the bikes onto the nearby yacht club dock and locked them up behind the building.

We met Dave at the market and bought some beautiful produce and cheese and bread, then went for coffee until Dave’s parking time was up. Jack and I moseyed back to the boat for some quality reading time, enjoying this magnificent view of the palisades.

It never gets old.



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2 Responses to Our kind of day

  1. Tom from Sag Harbor

    And it doesn’t get old reading your and Jack’s excellent posts! I always look forward to them.

  2. Carla & Jeff

    I second that!

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