Meet the press

We learned almost as soon as we moved aboard Escape Velocity that we’d be noticed. We’ll be walking around town and someone will ask, “Are you guys from that yellow catamaran?” or we’ll introduce ourselves and point to the boat and say, “We’re from that boat out there” and be greeted with, “Yes, I know. We saw you out on deck.” I guess it’s hard to sneak a 40-foot catamaran with yellow canvas in the back end of town and escape attention.

We apparently got noticed by Nyack New and Views who asked if they could publish our story of the big storm we had last week. “Sure!” we said. We have no secrets. Here it is.


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3 Responses to Meet the press

  1. Nancy

    You’re famous!!! Wonderful article. I bet you get some more followers, too. Well done, as usual.

  2. clarkhaley

    How cool is that? Congrats on the article. Looking forward to meeting you and having dinner at the Annapolis Boat Show in a couple of weeks.

    Clark & Michelle Haley

  3. Anita

    Marce and Jack – I always knew that you two were great – now everyone else does too. What a great article. Love you both.

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