What time is it kids?


Yes the bikes are back up in the slings aboard Escape Velocity. So what time does that make it Escapees?
Movin on time, that’s what time it is. We’ve had a productive, soul reviving visit here in Nyack.

Fixed the washer dryer
Added two 12 volt outlets
Flushed the Honda tank out
New gas storage tank
Picked up hard to find parts and pantry items
Had a great time with family and finally our son Drew made it to EV.

We are bound for Annapolis for the boat show and a few weeks with friends In one of our favorite towns. We’ll address serious chart plotter and outboard problems and meet a few Manta owners, maybe even eat some crab!

So..what you’re trying to puzzle out is the view from the back porch! Our quiet anchorage was invaded by a bevy of movie people turning Petersen’s Boatyard just behind us into a movie set in 1930s Germany. Earlier that day we helped a guy in a 30’s something Ford get to the movie set. It isn’t easy. The huge soft boxes are up on large maritime cranes with a lot if atmospheric smoke. Apparently that had an unusual amount of smoke in the 30’s in Germany.

That’s life on the water.


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2 Responses to What time is it kids?

  1. Sounds like you are making headway on several fronts. May the winds be with you.

  2. Jim

    the bikes are packed, we’re ready to go. I’m standing here, ………

    Years ago there was a cruising couple on a boat named “Siri”, and they played Sousa marches as they left each anchorage. I saw them in several different locations – Bahamas, BVI’s, Fl. Keys and the Chesapeake – I thought is was a nice tradition.

    What song do you play when you leave an anchorage?

    See you soon

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