Land of the Aluminum Forest

We woke to a gorgeous morning on the Magothy River, tucked behind Dobbin Island. Sunny but cold.

One by one the sailing yachts upped anchor and lazily turned and left. We were not the first, nor were we the last to go but we knew where they were all headed. Just like us they where all on our yearly pilgrimage to the land of aluminum forests. Annapolis.

One of my favorite sailing memories happened here after a boisterous sail down the Chesapeake the wind began to die along with sun and we ghosted under the Chesapeake Bay Bridge as the sky turned beautiful shades of lilac and purple. The whole crew came out on deck and stood there in awe without saying a word.

After passing under the Bay Bridge I called Marce out to the cockpit and told her that this was the spot in the Bay where we were married. You can find it too. Draw a line from the water tank across from the three towers and where it intersects with the center of the bridge is where the deed was done.

The approach to Back Creek is tricky but we knew finding anchoring space would be a lot harder.

They have rules about anchoring here and they’re not afraid to kick you out of a spot that may be pushing the envelope a bit. We may have pushed a bit too much but after four tries we seem to have found a temporary home in our home port.

And that’s the view from the back porch.

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  1. Aluminum forest indeed! Great pictures.

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