Twenty-two years

Jack just called me out to the cockpit and planted a big wet kiss on me. “This is where we got married,” he said. I looked around. The Bay Bridge, the tower, the tank, yep, this is the spot. We were under sail on a chartered sailboat named Franya.


“I’d do it all again,” Jack said. Me too.


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5 Responses to Twenty-two years

  1. Awwwww! Congratulations!

  2. chelle robinson

    Ahhh the romantic life of a Captain and his first mate… Congratulations Marce & Jack! So happy for you.

  3. And we were there! It was a lovely day; we all had so much fun. And we’d do it again, too, because we got a wonderful brother-in-law and Emily got the best uncle ever! XOXOXOXOXO to you both.

  4. Bev and Ken Vallins

    How nice – we have been followers of your trip since the beginning – we also followed chocobo their whole trip and enjoyed it – my sister and her husband spent some time with them in the Caribbean and loved it
    HAPPY SAILING – Take care Bev and Ken Vallins Ottawa Ontario Canada

  5. clarkhaley

    Great memory and thank you for sharing it. Looking forward to meeting you both on Friday!

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